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About the project

Women's Memories is a long-term international project, initiated and coordinated by Gender Studies, o.p.s. in Prague. Its idea was defined already in the beginning of 1990s as a reaction to Western European and American feminist theories that could not have been applied within the lived reality of women in post-socialist countries. The project is based on recording of life experience and opinions of women in three generations (born between 1920 - 1960) using oral history and narrative interview methods.

The uniqueness of Women's Memories as a model project from both content and methodology point of view lies specifically in tight interconnection it provides between gender research, gender education and civil society. The collected biographical material may be the source not only for scientific evaluation or publications, but also to further didactic utilization and development of gender education modules.

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Through you can buy:

:: The new books of Pavla Frýdlová based on the oral history methodology: Ženy v bílém - Women in White looks into the prestige life of women medical doctors.

:: Ženy odjinud - Women from elsewhere looks into the opinions and strategies of female foreigners living in the Czech Republic
Example of interview
HERE you can find transcribtion of one interview that was taken in the first period of the interviews collection.
Showcases of the additional materials
Here you can find examples of protocol, biogramme, resumé and list of entries (index for the archives).

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Big thanks to women's weekly VLASTA for usage of their photo archive (1950-1960).
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